Outdoor Tent Weddings In The Berkshires

Outdoor Tent Weddings In The Berkshires

Outdoor Tent Weddings In The Berkshires: So many couples that come to the Berkshires for their wedding opt to do an outdoor tented wedding. Why? With the hills of The Berkshires in the background, how could you not want to enjoy the great outdoors?

Where can you have a tented wedding in the hills of the Berkshires? Here is just a small list of the places that routinely have tented weddings in the Berkshire area. There are many other locations throughout the area that also allow tented weddings. Be sure to check out our VENUES SECTION of our website guide for many other area tented wedding locations.

  • The Norman Rockwell Museum
  • Chesterwood Museum
  • Hancock Shaker Village
  • Wheatleigh Hotel
  • 250 Longpond Hotel
  • Jacob’s Pillow

Types Of Tents

When you are planning your wedding – both the physical location, guest size and feel of your wedding will go into deciding what style tent you need or want. Sometimes the physical constraints of the plot where the tent is to be set up, requires you to lean toward a particular style tent, other times – it’s your layout that may require center pole tents or the wide-open space of a structure tent (no center poles). Want to see the stars at night through your tent? A clear-top tent might be perfect for you. In the last few years, we have seen an explosion in the interest for “Sailcloth” style tents – they typically have the pretty wood poles both around the edges and in the center. They are also oval in shape (not square like a typical pole tent). They have a more upscale feel to them v. a traditional vinyl pole tent.

Pole Tent

Center Poles


Sailcloth Tent

Oval Shaped Ends

Structure Tent

No Center Poles

Frame Tent

All Metal Construction

Lighting Your Wedding Tent

When it comes to lighting your tented wedding – there are many options to choose from. You can use standard bistro string lights, LED wash lighting to add some color or texture patterns projected on the inner tent surface to create an infinitely customizable background for your wedding and to enhance your wedding photos. With tent weddings – you can customize your tent lighting with chandeliers, custom wood installations or bohemian style lighting to add some texture to your tent. You can find some talented wedding lighting design and rental companies in the Berkshires.

Pole Tent

Color Wash and Star Pattern


Sailcloth Tent

Texture Patterns

Sailcloth Tent

Dense Fairy Light Pattern

Sailcloth Tent

Custom Wood and Chandeliers

Tent Season

Yes – you can always heat your tent and local Berkshire tent companies do install tents year-round, but wedding tent season tends to be May – Oct. Your tent company will help you navigate whether you should expect cooler nights when you need propane heaters or warmer nights where fans might be more appropriate. There are even styles of tents that do better certain times of the year based on how well they retain heat. Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a tent expert – just find one of our recommended Tent Rental Companies and they will guide you through the entire process from site visit to the installation.

They will also help you with dance floor rentals, table and chair rentals and many other aspects of having a tented wedding. It can be overwhelming planning a destination wedding in the Berkshires but between your rental company, vendors and your wedding planner in the Berkshires, you can relax knowing that no detail will go unplanned.

Need More Inspiration For Your Tented Wedding?

Check out some of these inspirational images from some of our past tent weddings. Don’t forget to check out pinterest or instagram for more great ideas for your tented wedding. Most tent lighting designs start with a concept image and your lighting expert will help you turn that inspiration into an amazing backdrop of light for you on your wedding day. Lighting is often the one thing wedding couples forget to think about. It also has one of the biggest impacts on the visual impact on your wedding decor.

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Outdoor Tent Weddings In The Berkshires

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