Month Of Wedding Planner In The Berkshires

Month Of Wedding Planner In The Berkshires

Month of wedding planner in the Berkshires: As I think back on our wedding last year I am overcome by joy. The day couldn’t have gone any better, it was the wedding of our dreams. I don’t think I would have changed anything – except one. I wish we had a month-of wedding planner.

Being a planner myself and marrying someone I met planning weddings, I thought we had it in the bag; and we did! We pulled off a magnificent tented wedding in just over 6 months. We had our ceremony where we met – Hancock Shaker Village –so getting that set was a breeze. The reception was in our backyard and we knew just who to call for tents, rentals, and catering. We even went the budget-friendly route and had drop-off catering from Zucchini’s with a privately hired catering staff. Everything leading up to the day was perfect.

On our wedding day though, I just wanted to be the Bride and my husband just wanted to be the Groom. He spent the morning picking up and icing the kegs, banging in the directional signs, and taking care of last minute details around our farm. He should have been at the hotel in the Berkshires having a few laughs with his best friends, getting ready for the big day.

I wanted to be present with my soon to be sister in law, bridesmaids, and children getting our wedding hair and make-up done and enjoying girl time and sacredness of a wedding day. That morning I had to meet with the sound guy and get him set up. Next was juggling the hair and makeup timeline – which totally went awry – and then fielding questions from our super helpful groomsmen. I am pretty sure I snapped at my soon to be mother in law when she asked where to put the wedding cake. At that point I didn’t care if we even had a wedding cake. I just wanted to be IN THE MOMENT.

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Seeing my stress, my wonderful wedding hairdresser (and former bridal client) took charge. She shushed everyone and kicked them out of the room. The bride needed her eyelashes glued on and simply needed a moment to breathe. I had spent the night before our wedding up all night, stressing over everything. Every little detail ran through my head. Around 3 AM I frantically emailed our dream-team catering staff to make sure they knew which fridge the Caprese skewers were in. This was crazy.

All of this could have been avoided if we had a point person who knew all of the wedding details. That is where a Month-of-Wedding Planner in the Berkshires comes in handy. I say month-of because there is no way someone could have showed up the day-of (Day Of Wedding Planner) and known the little details like where our electrical outlets were, how to turn on the generator, or the timeline of the day. A month-of planner would have been looped in around 30 days prior to the wedding. They would have been copied on catering emails, helped create our floor plan, and known the lay of the land. They could have fielded the signage questions, overseen the keg retrieval, and met with the sound guy. When glitches came up, as they inevitably do, the month-of planner would have been able to make an informed decision leaving me and my fake eyelashes in peace.

Now I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how incredible our bar and catering team were. In just a few hours they turned our naked tent into a late summer wonderland. They handled the food drop off, laid the linens, set the tablescapes, place cards, and created a gorgeous rustic bar. However if we had a planner, their work would have been easier and I wouldn’t have had the stress of worrying that I was overtaxing my team.

September 7, 2019 will always be one of the happiest days of my life. I wouldn’t have changed a thing – except I wish we had another one of me – a month of wedding planner in the Berkshires.

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Author: Jessy Turner – Birdhouse Events
Photo Credits: Captured By Colby

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