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Finding A Caterer In The Berkshires MA

Finding A Caterer In The Berkshires MA Finding A Caterer In The Berkshires MA: One very important wedding service that you may find yourself needing more information about is wedding catering!   To qualify my thoughts, you should know that I spent the first 10 years of my career in the Berkshires MA, working at a…

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How Do I Find My Wedding Vision?

How Do I Find My Wedding Vision?The Illusion of Choice & Importance of Vision Wow! You’re getting married! I’m sure that the decision to say yes was an easy one! Quite possibly the easiest decision that you will make during your wedding planning process! How Do I Find My Wedding Vision? Then the choices start…

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“Rob Alberti’s team did the lighting and sound for our wedding. He was able to recreate our vision for a starry night sky projection on the roof of our tent. It was breathtaking and really had a lasting effect on the night. The lighting on the perimeter of the tent and path lighting in the field were perfect.” Colleen – Chesterwood Wedding Stockbridge, MA

“My husband and I worked with Classical Tents for our wedding early June and are extremely happy with our experience. I planned our wedding from across the country so we never visited a showroom or met with anyone in person, but Michele and Carrie made the entire planning process very easy. They were quick to respond and extremely detail oriented. For day of, delivery and dance floor install were a breeze. I would highly recommend!” Ashley M. – Lee, MA Wedding

“Jocelyn, above all, is such a lovely person. She’s the kind of person that you talk to for a minute, and think you’ve known for years. This is such an asset in her career – having your photo taken professionally can feel awkward, but with Jocelyn, it is totally natural. Now, her photography skills! I had requested lots of candid photos of people’s facial expressions, and Jocelyn delivered. During your wedding, it’s hard to spend tons of time with each person, so you rely on things like photos and videos to help you cover the day. With Jocelyn’s pictures, I see laughter, conversations, friends and family meeting – each photo is a memory and I love them so much. Technically speaking, one of the reasons I chose Jocelyn was because I really like how she works with light. She edits photos to look artistic, but not over the top. They are soft, but sharp in quality. I could not recommend working with Jocelyn more – she is such a kind person, excellent at her craft, and delivered our product efficiently and effectively!” North Adams, MA Wedding